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Sealed BBO Pockels Cells
  • Sealed BBO Pockels Cells

Sealed BBO Pockels Cells

    Jenis bayaran: T/T
    Incoterm: FOB,CIF,FCA
    Pesanan minimum: 1 Bag/Bags
    Masa penghantaran: 30 Hari

Maklumat asas

Model No.: CPBPC-03L-P

Disesuaikan: Lain-lain

Komponen Standard: Komponen Standard

Jenis: Q-Switch

Crystal Size: 3.0 X 3.0 X 25mm

Crystal Quatity: Single Crystal

COATINGS: AR/AR @ 1064nm

Extinction Raito: >1000:1

Capacitance: <3pF

Quarter-wave Voltage: 2900 - 3200V

Transmission: >98.5%

Windows: With Protecting Windows, All Sealed

PC Size: Diameter 20mm X 37mm

Additional Info

Pembungkusan: Carton Packing

Produktiviti: 2000 pcs per year

Jenama: Coupletech

Pengangkutan: Air

Tempat asal: China

Kod HS: 9013901000

Port: Qing Dao,Shang Hai,Ji Nan

Penerangan produk

Sealed BBO Pockels Cells is Omnisealed for water-resistant design. BBO is one kind of the electro-optic material choices for high average power E-O Q-Switch applications. BBO has significant advantages over other materials in terms of laser power handling abilities, temperature stability, and substantial freedom from piezoelectric ringing. Because it relies on the electro optic effect, switching time - aided by the low capacitance of the EO Q-Switches is very fast. The wide transparency range of BBO allows it to be used in diverse laser component applications.

Electro-optic Components Seald BBO pockels cells CPLBQS-03025-P is omnisealed compact and water-resistant design, in fact, two protected windows are AR coated window for sealing the whole BBO EO cell, besides, BBO Q switch has Advantages with minimal piezoelectric ringing and low absorption Wide transmission range, suited for Q-switch applications with high repetition rates, cavity dumping and beam chopper. Coupletech also offers BBO Pockels Cell, which different crystal size is 3x3x20mm, 3x3x25mm, 4x4x20mm, 4x4x25mm, 5x5x20mm, 5x5x25mm with different working voltage, and other crystal size can be customized.

Coupletech can provide many different kinds of Pockels cell and Electro-optic Components, such as Beta Barium Borate Bbo Pockels Cells, Ktp Pockels Cells, Double Bbo Crystal Pockels Cells, Dkdp (kd * p) Pockels Cells and LN Pockels Cells. These EO Q-Switches have different characteristics and very good quality. These Pockels cell have different functions to meet different needs of customers in various fields. We have abundant stock and preferential price. Welcome to purchase.

BBO pockels cell 3-3-25 Sealed 20 37

BBO pockels cell with protected windows

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